Zentainer is a Colorado-based startup providing Managed WordPress-Hosting specifically for Wed Developers, Designers, and Marketing Agencies. 


We’re building this new platform on next-generation architecture which utilizes containerization and AI-monitoring to make WordPress deployment and management painless.


What the heck does that even mean?

It’s a fancy way of saying we’re nerds focused on fixing one thing: What makes hosting suck? 


Here’s who we are


  • Devin: CEO:
    • Grew up in Denver and attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
    • 10-year background in Public Relations, Marketing & E-Commerce.
      • Has also held many other jobs such as a 911 Dispatcher, EMT & Dance Studio Owner.
    • Nerds out over technology, infrastructure and contemporary art.
      • Devin likes to say he is “addicted to learning,” and he means it. I’ve always seen him learning 3 or 4 things simultaneously.
      • Tours power plants, laboratories, and art museums for fun.

  • Will: CTO
    • Grew up in Minnesota and Addended DePaul University in Chicago
      • Received his B.S. in Network Technologies.
    • 10 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer.
    • Nerds out over system architecture & dancing
      • Created software to help the blues dancing community manage events
      • Also hikes, bikes, flies (lyra), pole-dances, climbs and enjoys bourbon
  • Bill: Developer
    • Modern nomad who grew up all around the US.
    • Has 15 years of experience in Web Development and Server Administration and owns a development company that caters to small businesses.
    • Nerds out over new tech, new information, and video games
      • Professional debugger
      • Constantly studying; loves learning about absolutely anything
      • Actively studies game design and attends competitive gaming tournaments around the US
  • Sean (Myself): Director of Business Development:
    • Similar to Bill, I’ve lived all over the World; London, France, Oregon, Seattle, and more.
    • Attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I received a B.S.B.A in Strategic Human Resource Management. 
    • 4-years of experience in Change Management, specializing in Human Resources.  
    • I totally nerd out over Data Analytics and Formula One
      • My wallpaper is spreadsheets
      • Have most major formula-one tracks memorized


Our diverse backgrounds and interests help develop simple but honestly weird concepts. And that’s just the way we like it – we don’t want to be another generic tech startup.


Here’s what we think sucks about most web hosting:


  • Customer support treating people like idiots: “Have you tried turning it on and off again?”


  • Lack of transparency and price-gouging: “Oh, just upgrade to a higher-tier to fix that problem!”


  • Nickel-and-diming for everything: “Need SSL? That’ll be an extra $60 a year..”


  • Companies that focus entirely on their margins and not on their client or employee well-being


  • Suddenly finding out a website is down or hacked, then spending hours on the phone with customer support trying to fix it.



We hated the lack of transparency and price-gouging we see happening in web hosting, so we created a structure to show precisely how much you will pay without any hidden price increases! 


We hated how companies seemed to focus more on their margins than their customers. So we dedicated our business practice to making our customers look like rock stars in front of their clients. 


Everyone hates being on the phone with support – That’s why we are developing our own A.I. to monitor every single site hosted on Zentainer and fix issues in real-time. Trust me, we don’t want to call you just as much as you don’t want to call us. So let’s fix that.


We want to work as a team with our customers. If you have an idea to improve Zentainer, we want to hear it! You’ll get feedback as we implement your idea – Transparency and Honesty are driving factors in the continual development of Zentainer as a company and a team.


That’s a quick and general idea of who we are as a company, individuals, and as a group. I hope you can see the passion and excitement we have for Zentainer and the future of Web Hosting. I hope you will join us along this wild and crazy ride through the startup world. If you would like to stay up to date on Zentainer and help us grow, please go follow our Social Media Pages linked below. If that’s not enough for you and you want to experience our Beta program, sign up here and have a massive influence in the future of Zentainer.


Zentainer: WordPress Hosting That Doesn’t Suck


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